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What is the difference between Tydom and Lifedomus ?

The differences between our Tydom and Lifedomus smart home applications are simple :

Tydom allows you to manage the Delta Dore ecosystem. All of our products, as well as products from many of our partners, can be connected with the application. Tydom lets you manage key Delta Dore functions: heating, security, energy monitoring, lighting, openings etc. and is accessible through Tydom 1.0 and 2.0 smart home hubs The Tydom 2.0 lets you receive text messages or phone calls if there is an intrusion.

Lifedomus allows you to manage not only the entire Delta Dore product line, but also many products from other brands and it enables multimedia management and more. Listen to your favourite music anywhere in your home and control your TV from your smartphone. The Lifedomus application gives you full control your entire home, with its powerful, comprehensive Lifedomus box.

Another difference is the degree of customization the two applications allow. Tydom is customizable to suit your usage preferences, but Lifedomus is fully customizable to adapt both to your usage and to your visual preferences.

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