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Lifedomus, the only limit is your imagination
The only limit is your imagination

Lifedomus makes your home respond to your daily life.

Teach your home to follow your wishes and control your devices with the tip of a finger.

Control multimedia devices, your alarm, lighting, heating or ventilation... the possibilities are endless!

Lifedomus is available on PC, tablet and smartphone and is iOS and Android compatible. The application operates from the box of the same name.

Lifedomus, all the comfort of your home at your fingertips
All the comfort of your home at your fingertips

A MULTITUDE OF POSSIBILITIES to simplify your daily life.

Control your audio and video devices, watch a film from your video library or flick through your favourite channels.

The Lifedomus application lets you manage your comfort from your tablet or smartphone. You can remotely control your roller shutters, blinds, lights, front door, garage, etc. and always keep an eye on your home with many alert units (alarm, detectors, cameras).

Increasing numbers of daily objects are connected: use Lifedomus to control them.

Lifedomus a personalised, upgradeable home automation application
Your personalised, upgradeable home automation application

Create an interface that reflects you...

Integrate the photos or videos of your interior, then touch the devices you want to control to activate them. Your interior comes to life.

... adapted to your taste

Modify the proportions, colours, add effects, create your control buttons, etc.

... and your gestures

Each zone of the screen can be personalised and triggers one or more actions depending on the gesture chosen.

An upgradeable application that resembles you

Manage several connected buildings simultaneously and remotely. Everything is possible.

Lifedomus application features a system open to many technologies
Multi-brand management

Lifedomus features a system open to many technologies.

With Lifedomus, you can choose the best equipment most suited to your requirements, independently from the brand and protocol used. Upgrade your installation with the products you choose!

Here are a few brands your application can control, find the complete list at YAMAHA - SONY - PHILIPS - NETATMO - PANASONIC - SONOS - NEST - SAMSUNG - MOBOTIX - PHILIPS Hue - LG...

Lifedomus gives you endless possibilities.

Technical documentation Lifedomus

How to use and configuration Lifedomus.