Published on 18/04/2019

Two new features to be discovered in the Lifedomus interface

Discover the new pre-configured templates for Lifedomus

Lifedomus, our Design Studio software, is enhanced with 2 new features. 

Pre-configured graphical user interfaces

To optimise your time when setting up a Lifedomus system: we offer you high-end graphical user interfaces that you can very quickly import into your Design Studio project. Your design graphical user interface will be up and running in only 30 minutes.

These pre-configured interfaces are editable. You can add your logo and hotline number as well as customise the graphic elements according to your customers’ requirements. They were designed by user experience (UX) experts and are very user-friendly. 

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Your own exportable graphical user interfaces

To store and operate your graphic configurations, you can export your graphic pages from Design Studio. You can capitalise on the time spent developing your interfaces and reuse them for other projects.

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