Connected home and multimedia

Controlo mi música, mi TV y mis productos conectados

I control my music, my TV and my connected products

You can now control home automation and multimedia around your home with a single application! Our Lifedomus home automation box and its application allow you to view and control your home and receive alerts wherever you are.

With the system being easy to adapt, you can install new connected objects and control them from your smartphone or tablet.

Lifedomus home automation application
Control your home, audio and video
Lifedomus home aut. solution

The Lifedomus application provides a unique experience

Include photos or videos of your home interior and directly touch them on your device to control your devices. With photorealism and videorealism, the insides of your home come to life. You can create an unlimited number of home automation controls and life scenarios. Your options for a comfortable home are only limited by your imagination!

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Television control with Lifedomus

Enjoy your films and television in a whole new way*

Lifedomus offers advanced video library management. All your favourite films are readily available on demand. This means that your application can replace your universal remote controls. You can now use your smartphone or your tablet to control your television.

*requires a compatible smart TV or software options.

Control music with Lifedomus

Listen to your favourite music all around your home*

With Lifedomus, the control system for your music is completely integrated into the application in the same way as your heating, roller shutters, lighting, etc. You have full control over the system to create scenarios that are as complex as you want to make them so they fit in with your lifestyle: "When I arrive home, my alarm deactivates, my shutters open and the music starts playing in my living room".

*requires software options and SONOS hardware.

Remote surveillance with Lifedomus

Monitor your home wherever you are*

Lifedomus controls your alarm and provides alerts to your smartphone if any abnormal situations are detected. Your surveillance cameras allow you to see, record and control what happens in your home remotely. You are informed of any guests when you are away or when your kids arrive home. The application also includes all your video doorkeeper features and can be used to easily control access to your home.

*requires a Delta Dore alarm or hardware that is compatible with software options.

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