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I control every connected product in my home

Save time and make your life simpler by making your home a connected home! Whatever type of home automation project you have, you can control your heating, blinds, lighting, alarm; our TYDOM 1.0 home automation box and its application will allow you to remotely control any connected objects you already have as well as any new ones you add later.

DO YOU ALREADY HAVE A DELTA DORE PRODUCT INSTALLED? Simply add TYDOM to your system, and it will be connected and controllable from the application!
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Tydom home automation application
Control your home remotely
Tydom 1.0 home aut. solution

With Tydom, your home adapts to fit around your lifestyle

Personalise your Tydom application by adding photos of your interior and directly touch your equipment to control it from your sofa or your workplace!

Give each situation its own personalised scenario. Do you wake up at 7? Program your shutters to open and your heating to turn on. Do you leave for work at 8.30? Set your lights to switch off and your alarm to turn on. Allow Tydom to activate your pre-configured ambiances on!

Our HomeCloud solution offers complete security in the connection with your home devices. Tydom protects your private life: your data is not accessible from the Cloud, staying in your home.

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Home surveillance with a camera

Keep an eye on the things you value the most

Whether it's your home, your office, your family, your pets... The option to include Tycam indoor and outdoor cameras means that you can keep an eye on whatever it is that means the most to you, wherever you are, using your smartphone or tablet.

Connected heating with Tydom

Control your connected thermostat

Have you decided to return home early? With TYDOM, you can increase, lower or program your heating in advance.

Your connected thermostat controls the temperature of your home or apartment at all times. All it takes is a single motion with your phone to be sure you will have a comfortable home to return to.

Connected alarm with Delta Dore

Activate your connected alarm wherever you are

You can leave your home safe in the knowledge that your security system is protecting your belongings and your home. If you forget to activate your alarm, you can remotely activate it from wherever you are.

Delta Dore's alarm system is equally well suited to new builds and renovation projects. Its wireless technology means you can install it without damaging interior decorations.

Control your connected home with Tydom

Set up control system scenarios remotely

Has a package arrived earlier than expected? That's no problem with TYDOM: deactivate your anti-intruder system remotely and open the garage door to allow delivery. While you are away you can also make it appear that someone is in your home.

There are numerous advantages to home automation
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