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Wireless outdoor barrier motion detector

The benefits of using TYXAL+ DMBE :

  • Compatible with the presence of pets outside without the risk of a false alarm
  • Ideal to dissuade a potential break-in, thanks to the creation of a pre-alarm zone

Reference Name
6412310 TYXAL+ DMBE
  • Boiler or non reversible heat pump control
  • Weekly programming
  • Setting of 2 different temperature settings
  • Programming option every 15 min, 30 min or hourly
  • Holiday program with integrated calendar
  • Boiler operation timer (except DHW)
  • Automatic time change: Summer/Winter
  • Outdoor perimeter protection
  • Double infrared detection of people prior to intrusion
  • Triggering of alarm upon breaking 2 beams at the same time
  • Immune to animals, passage of cars, movements of plants & rapid changes in sunlight
  • Pre-alarm zone: to protect outdoors by dissuading intruders with the flash and/or an audio alarm from the outdoor siren (in association with the alarm control unit and an outdoor siren)
  • The maximum range can be influenced by the ambient temperature conditions and by the installation conditions
  • Detection range: up to 24m (12m each side)
Guarantee 5 years
Power supply type Batteries
Batteries supplied 1 Lithium LS14500
Battery life 10 years
Detection range 12 m
Coverage angle 180 °
Input timer 45 s
Video resolution 00
Operating temperature -20 to 50 °C
Dimensions H 235 x L 56 x P 128 mm

No additional product required for the correct functioning of TYXAL+ DMBE

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