Voice controlled connected equipment

Gain more comfort in your life

with voice control

Delta Dore is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for heating and lighting

A simpler everyday life

Practical and fun, voice control offers multiple opportunities to control connected equipment at home. By associating your Internet box with a voice assistant, you can communicate and give orders by speaking to your equipments! And you even have access to all types of information such as weather or traffic, at any time.

To improve your daily comfort, you can also control and pilot your Delta Dore equipment by voice! Tydom connected home box is compatible with Amazon's Echo connected speaker and its virtual assistant Amazon Alexa, as well as with Google Home, which works with Google Assistant.

Still hesitating? Discover the many possible uses for an even simpler everyday life.

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Control your blinds with your voice

Has remote control of your blnds or shutters via Tydom connected home app changed your life? Voice control will improve your connected home experience!

Thanks to the voice assistants, you can control the raising or lowering of your blinds or shutters without having to move around or look for your smartphone. Handy when you have your hands fulll!

To make sure that the voice control of blinds or shutters works properly, consult our best practice guides :

Voice control of blinds with Amazon Alexa

Voice control of blinds with Google Assistant

 In addition, our FAQs can also be helpfull!


Use voice control to manage your  lighting Delta Dore equipments with Google Assistant.

Switch to intelligent lighting

You have installed connected lights and you manage them through Tydom app. With the voice command, control them even more easily and spontaneously adopt an eco-responsible attitude!

Thanks to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, switching off a room or adjusting its intensity becomes a reflex even when your hands are full. In addition to its practicality in everyday life, voice command has a playful side that is very popular with children: no more lights on during the day!

Alexa is compatible with Delta Dore for heating management, control your heating using voice control.

Set your thermostat to the nearest degree

Are you already controlling your heating system connected via Tydom app? Switch to voice control to gain in comfort day after day!

No more need to intervene on your connected thermostat or smartphone, your heating will be triggered or set to the desired temperature simply by asking your Amazon Alexa voice assistant or Google Assistant. With a simple command, you can adapt the temperature of your home to your desires effortlessly!

Please note that only Delta Dore thermostats that manage the temperature in degrees are compatible.

Discover our heating management products compatible with voice control

Use Google Home to launch your scenarios registered on Tydom
Gain peace of mind with the scenarios

Have you already created scenarios on your Tydom connected home app? Go further by activating your scenarios by voice: you can execute several commands for connected equipment quickly and easily.

No more stress before leaving in the morning: by activating your "Departure" scenario by voice, the shutters close, the ambient temperature drops by 2 degrees and all the lights goout, instantly!

Discover how to activate Delta Dore compatibility and the Google Home and Alexa voice assistants

Now associate Tydom with your voice assistant !



To control your home automation by voice, it's very simple:

  • Make sure you have a connected speaker equipped with either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant a Tydom or Lifedomus home automation box
  • Update your Tydom app
  • Download the mobile app of the relevant voice assistant and search for Tydom or Lifedomus in the search bar
  • Click on "Activate"
  • Create a Delta Dore account or log in if you already have an account
  • Select your home automation box or register it
  • If you are using Amazon Alexa, say: "Alexa, discover my devices" and compatible devices will be detected automatically
  • With the Google Assistant, the recognition of your equipment is triggered automatically

It's over! You can now test the voice piloting of all your connected equipment and take full advantage of it.

Please note that a voice assistant can only control one home automation box at a time. Voice control only applies to Delta Dore thermostats that manage the temperature in degrees.

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Delta Dore and Google Assistant

Discover how to associate the vocal assistant to Tydom.


Delta Dore and Amazon Alexa

Discover how to associate the vocal assistant to Tydom.


Delta Dore and Google Assistant

Discover how to associate the vocal assistant to Tydom.


Delta Dore and Amazon Alexa

Discover how to associate the vocal assistant to Tydom.


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