Find out about Tydom

An easy solution to interface with your home



You can install the Tydom app for free from Google Play or the App Store.

Take control of your house thanks to our house automation app Tydom.

You are in control

The user-friendly and customisable Tydom application will make your life easy.

Heating, shutters, lights, alarm, gate, garage door, etc. You can control the systems in your home via your smartphone or tablet with Tydom from anywhere.

The Tydom application is free and requires no subscription.
You will need to install a Tydom smart home hubs automation box to use it.

Teach your house how to adapt to your living habits with our house automation app Tydom.

Live your life the way you want to

With Tydom, your wish is your command

- Do you wake up at 7? Synchronise your roller shutters with your alarm clock.
- Do you have to leave the house for work at 8.30? Programme the lights to go off and the alarm to go on.

Favourites, create personalised scenarios...Tydom offers a wide range of features to adapt your home to your lifestyle.

Take control of your house thanks to our house automation app Tydom.

Connect your systems

Tydom controls your Delta Dore systems as well as other equipment in your home.

Many products you use on a daily basis are already Delta Dore Connected . They are directly compatible with Tydom and can be connected and controlled remotely.

Our teams work in conjunction with major brands to give you access to the connected home by Delta Dore.

App Tydom : Create your connected home

Create your connected home

Delta Dore helps you with your project.

With Tydom, there are no constraints. You decide and upgrade your systems as you wish.

Contact us for further information about how to install Delta Dore products and the Tydom home automation solution.


Tydom Home – your scalable smart home hub

Control and programme your smart equipment using the Tydom Home hub and the Tydom mobile app. 

Install the Tydom box

Before you can use the Tydom app, call a professional to set up the Tydom box.

Using the tydom app

Discover the functionalities of your Tydom app in detail.

Tracking Tydom updates

Find all the details of the updates of your Tydom application.