Delta Dore and personal data

Use of private data at Delta Dore

What do we mean by personal data ?
What is meant by 'Personal data'?

For Delta Dore, your personal data is limited to the information allowing us to provide you with our services.

During an activation or a request, you entrust us with data that identifies you such as for example, your name, e-mail, type of project that you want to use in your home, your home automation solutions, etc. This list of data is necessary to access all your solutions.

Our use of personal data
Delta Dore website privacy policy

Being closer to you, for you.

Respect for privacy is a fundamental right. This is why Delta Dore only keeps your data with the sole purpose of providing you with the best service.

Hence, this data allows us to contact you but also, and above all, allows us to be able to adjust, improve the offers, services and products that we are offering you, as well as the mobile applications and websites.

Delta Dore Smart Home privacy policy

We may also process your data as part of your Smart Home installation.

We process these data to ensure the proper functioning of your installation and in particular to offer you monitoring, controlling and programming via your smartphone.

Personal data protection
Your personal data belongs to you.

The safety of your data is our priority.

All the personal data you entrust us with falls under our responsibility.

You remain the owner of your data. You can control or interrupt the use of your data at any moment.