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Wide angle wireless outdoor motion detector

The benefits of using DME180 TYXAL+ :

  • Protect your outdoor areas from any risk of intrusion
  • Benefit from outdoor protection that is immune to unintentional triggering by animals
  • Be alerted of any events, even remotely, thanks to the smart home hub, with video verification possible via Tycam

Reference Name
6412323 DME180 TYXAL+
  • Wide angle volumetric outdoor protection
  • Intelligent digital analysis to guarantee immunity to triggering by animals, passing cars, plant movement, rapid changes in sunlight
  • Adjustable detection range and angle: up to 12 m and max. 180° (depending on temperature conditions)
  • Anti-tampering system to prevent opening and removal
  • Anti-masking function
  • Alarm or pre-alarm zone with a view to protecting the exterior by dissuading intrusions by means of a flash and/or an audible alert from the outdoor siren (in conjunction with the Tyxal+ alarm control panel)
  • Can be configured in delayed mode to easily access the keypad or badge reader
Guarantee 5 years
Power supply type Battery
Batteries supplied 1 lithium (specific format)
Place of use Outdoor
Wireless range 100 to 300 m
Horizontal view angle 180 °
Operating temperature -30 to 60 °C
Dimensions H 201 x L 92 x P 124 mm

No additional product required for the correct functioning of DME180 TYXAL+