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Indoor wireless siren

The benefits of using TYXAL+ SI :

  • Dissuasive effect because of the loud sound it generates, which can be adjusted
  • 5 different tones to act as alarm or inform occupants of a risk in the home

Reference Name
6415220 TYXAL+ SI
  • Provides alert in the case of intrusion
  • Warns all users about domestic hazards (fire, flood, power cut, etc.)
  • Chime mode to signal when a person enters a room
  • Ability to activate/shutdown the alarm system (visual or audio signal, or both or none) with the touchscreen keypad
Guarantee 5 years
Power supply type Batteries
Batteries supplied 1 Lithium LSH20
Battery life 10 years
Sound level 105 dB
Type of tones Intruder alarm, Fire, Distress, Alarm, Door chime
Operating temperature 5 to 40 °C
Dimensions H 176 x L 59.5 x P 268.5 mm
Reference: 6416222
Battery unit for 8-zone tyxal+ cs 8000 siren control unit, tyxal+ si indoor siren and tyxal+ sef outdoor siren
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Where to buy Tyxal+ alarm products ? 

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