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CV wind sensor

Wireless wind sensor

The benefits of using CV wind sensor :

  • Protects the home's shuttering from wind

Reference Name
6351393 CV wind sensor
  • Controls the home's shuttering based on the strength of the wind
  • In the case of strong wind (6 wind threshold settings):
  • The awning or blackout blind automatically raise
  • The local or wireless controls are inactive
  • When the strength of the wind drops under the threshold:
  • The local or wireless control remains inactive for a few minutes
Guarantee 5 years
Power supply type Battery
Batteries supplied 1 lithium (specific format)
Battery life 10 years
Place of use Outdoor
Wireless range 100 m
Operating temperature -10 to 60 °C
Dimensions H 260 x L 104 x P 130 mm
Tyxia 5731
Reference: 6351412
Wireless receiver for controlling blackout blinds, awnings and indoor slat blinds
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