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Tybox 5000 Smart pack

Fixed-wire smart thermostat pack for hot-water heating

The benefits of using Tybox 5000 Smart pack :

  • Ideal solution for making a wired installation wireless
  • Simple and fast change of temperature setting using the thermostat
  • Intuitive remote control and programming with the TYDOM application

This product is no longer available.

It is replaced by the Tybox 5000 Smart Pack - Cod. 6050671

Reference Name
6050643 Tybox 5000 Smart pack
  • Connected thermostat for boiler or non-reversible heat pump
  • Management of heating remotely using TYDOM application
  • Programme a thermostat at different times of the day (when getting up, leaving the house, evening, etc.) using TYDOM application
  • Modification of thermostat temperature setting
  • Display of room temperature on thermostat
  • Via the TYDOM application, the TYDOM 1.0 can control the roller shutters, lights, alarm, gate, garage door, monitors your home with the TYCAM IP cameras, etc.
Guarantee 5 years
Tydom 1.0 hub | Quantity : 1
Power supply type Main supply
Power supply 230V
Place of use Indoor
Wireless range 100 to 300 m
Operating temperature -10 to 40 °C
Dimensions H 100 x L 100 x P 30 mm
Tybox 5000 | Quantity : 1
Power supply type Battery
Batteries supplied 2 lithium FR03
Battery life 5 years
Place of use Indoor
Wireless range 100 to 300 m
Operating temperature 0 to 55 °C
Dimensions H 84 x L 80 x P 21 mm

No additional product required for the correct functioning of Tybox 5000 Smart pack