Frequently Asked Questions

I can not connect to Tydom. How can I connect ?

If you cannot connect your Tydom home automation application, here are some tips that may help :

  • Make sure that your password is correctly entered in the application. Password consists of at least 8 characters (numbers and case-sensitive letters).
  • Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi when you connect for the first time. Warning: You must be connected to your home network not to mobile data.
  • Make sure that your Tydom application is up to date.
  • Make sure that your Tydom box is up to date and connected. To be certain, disconnect your Tydom box from its power supply (if you have a Tydom 2.0 remove its batteries also.) Next, leave the Ethernet cable to connected your smart home hub to your internet box and reconnect the power to your Tydom box.

If these solutions still don’t work, please contact us.

Check out our video tutorial on connecting to the Tydom for the first time >

Watch this video to learn how to link a second phone to Tydom remotely >

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