Maintenance & Troubleshooting


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What is the energy consumption of an Easy connected bulb when it is switched on?

Its consumption is < 0,5 W. Continue reading

If there is a power failure (on my bulb’s network), what happens?

The bulb will indicate that it is disconnected in the Tydom app.  Continue reading

How to reset the Easy connected bulb?

Turn the light on and off 6 times in a row (using the switch). Leave the light on. After a short colour cycle, the light will flash then give off a white light. The... Continue reading

How to pair an Easy smart bulb to a Tydom Home or Pro hub?

Before pairing, screw the bulb into your light, download the Tydom app and launch it. Go to the « Settings » page of your installation, select « Add a device », « Lighting »,... Continue reading