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How do I set a temperature on my pilot wire programmer (Driver, Calybox, Starbox, Deltia range) ?

A pilot wire programmer cannot be used to set the temperature. It sends mode commands based on the programming :

  • Comfort
  • Comfort -1°C (on a 6-order pilot wire programmer)
  • Comfort -2°C (on a 6-order pilot wire programmer)
  • Eco (Economy) or Setback
  • Frost Protection
  • Off

The thermostats for your system control the temperature based on the mode set by the pilot wire programmer :

  • Wall-mounted pilot wire thermostat for electric underfloor heating
  • Integrated thermostat for heating units: convectors, panel heaters, etc.

If the thermostat has just one setpoint, that is the temperature setting for Comfort mode. In Eco mode, the temperature will automatically be set to 3.5° below the temperature in Comfort mode.

If the thermostat offers two setpoints, they are the temperature settings for the Comfort and Eco modes. This may vary depending on manufacturer.

With our 6-order pilot wire programmers, once the temperature in Comfort mode is set on your thermostats, you can switch from Eco mode to Comfort -1°C (medium) or Comfort -2°C (moderate), zone by zone or for all zones.

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