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Tyxal+ DMBV

Tyxal+ wireless video dual-lens motion detector

The benefits of using Tyxal+ DMBV :

  • Video confirmation, both day and night, in the case of intrusion
  • Ability to monitor your home remotely
  • Compatible with the presence of animals based on choice of lens

Reference Name
6412287 Tyxal+ DMBV
  • Infrared detection:
  • Of any moving human presence, with the standard lens
  • Of any moving human presence, without detecting pets of up to 45 kg (depending on the size and fur of the animal), with the special additional animal lens
  • Video functions (associated with TYDOM 2.0 and the alarm control unit)
  • Visual confirmation in the case of an intrusion
  • Request of remote view of your home
  • Up to 4 video detectors per installation
Guarantee 5 years
Standard lens LS Tyxal+ | Quantity : 1
Place of use Indoor
Dimensions H 64 x L 62 mm
Animal immunity lens LA Tyxal+ | Quantity : 1
Place of use Indoor
Operating temperature -10 to 55 °C
Dimensions H 64 x L 62 mm
Motion detector DMBV Tyxal+ | Quantity : 1
Batteries supplied 1 lithium (specific format)
Place of use Indoor
Wireless range 100 to 300 m
Video resolution VGA 640 x 480
Night vision Yes
Detection range 0.5 to 12 m with standard lens
2 to 10 m with animal lens
Night vision range 8 m
Horizontal view angle 90 °
Format des vidéos MPEG4
Operating temperature -10 to 55 °C
Dimensions H 111 x L 68 x P 58 mm
Tydom 2.0
Reference: 6414125
Home automation hub with GSM telephone transmitter
Tyxal+ CLT 8000
Reference: 6413252
Wireless touchscreen keypad
Tyxal+ CS 8000
Reference: 6411121
Wireless 8-zone siren alarm control unit
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