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How can I see what is happening in my property during an intrusion with the Tydom 2.0?

Protect your home with a Delta Dore wireless alarm system to be warned of an intrusion by receiving a video link text message from the Tydom 2.0. Follow the two steps below to activate this functionality :


Step 1. Programming the phone numbers

1) Enter the installer code (default is 123456) and "OK" to confirm.
2) Press “Settings” and then select Installation > Products > Configure.
3) Press the transmitter button or select it in the product list by clicking “Browse”.
4) Select the “Call Numbers” menu.
5) Select the number to be programmed (up to 6 numbers) and confirm.
6) Enter the phone number (including international dial code), choose the text option and confirm.

Important: Only the text option supports the video link, the voice option does not.


Step 2. Test the alarm system

1) Simulate an intrusion: Exit the room with the DMBV detector, activate the alarm and wait for at least 2 minutes so that the alarm activates, then walk into the detection area
2) The alarm begins to wail and the DMBV records for 5 seconds.
3) The DMBV sends the 5-second video to the Tydom 2.0, which puts it on a local server.
4) The Tydom 2.0 sends two text messages to the programmed numbers:
- 1st text: alert of the intrusion
- 2nd text: video linkrecording

Important :

- Tap the received link to view the video. (The smartphone must be connected to the internet, either wifi or mobile data)
- All of the numbers programmed for text messages will also receive both of these messages.
- The video verification works with the Tyxal+ CS 8000 alarm control unit and a Tyxal+ DMBV detector.
- The text message alert with a video link is stored on a secure server.

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