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Est-il obligatoire de renseigner son adresse postale dans l’application Tylock ?

Non, mais cela est pratique lorsque vous avez des invités pour lancer le GPS depuis l’application Tylock. Continue reading

Est-ce que la serrure connectée Tylock peut s’adapter sur une porte 5 points ?

Oui, elle est compatible avec les serrures monopoints et multipoints.  Continue reading

Comment choisir la bonne dimension de cylindre Tylock ?

Pour choisir le pack Tylock adapté à votre serrure, vous devez mesurer l’épaisseur de la porte, à partir du milieu de la vis de fixation, côté extérieur et intérieur. Veillez également à vérifier la dimension entre... Continue reading

How can I see what is happening in my property during an intrusion with the Tydom 2.0?

Protect your home with a Delta Dore wireless alarm system to be warned of an intrusion by receiving a video link text message from the Tydom 2.0. Follow the two steps below to activate this... Continue reading

How can I view my cameras on a PC and benefit from the "video wall" option ?

Thanks to the use of an Android emulator e.g. NOX, which can be downloaded for free, it is possible to port the Tydom app to a PC in tablet format and to visualize among others... Continue reading

How can I reset my Tydom password ?

It is easy to reset your TYDOM password :For TYDOM 1.0 press and hold the reset button (near the power cable) for about 15 seconds, or until the LED light flashes purple rapidly. When... Continue reading

What are the different types of video recording stored ?

Choose between : Continuous or detection recording.The videos are recorded in "medium" resolution quality = HD.Each detection video recorded on detection starts 5 seconds before the event for a total duration of at least 35 seconds. Continue reading

What are the different types of video quality settings ?

There are 4 types of video quality adjustment for remote connection:Low qualityMedium qualityHigh qualityAutomatic adjustment offering the best resolution according to the available bit rate and bandwidth. Continue reading

How to change the mode on the Tyxia 2600 ?

The Tyxia 2600 is a multi-purpose transmitter that can control lights, shutters, blinds or launch a scenario by simply pressing a switch. It is easy to install and sits directly behind the switch.Delta Dore explains how... Continue reading

What are the advantages of the Mesh function ?

The free field radio range of our transmitters is 100–300 m. Delta Dore created t mesh network to expand the radio range. The mesh network allows the radio signal to be repeated between all of... Continue reading