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Delta Dore is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for heating and lighting


Voice control is used to remotely control your connected devices via a voice assistant. A voice assistant is connected to Internet to be able to provide you with external information such as the weather or news.

For example, you can control your heating or set your lighting using voice control.

Delta Dore is now compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Any smart speaker featuring one of these assistants allows you to control your smart home with your voice.

When you have installed your smart speaker & downloaded their application (Google Home, Amazon Echo or any other speaker equipped with these assistants). You can then control your devices with your voice from your smartphone, even when you are not near your speaker. The Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant applications are available from the Play Store and App Store. 

Use Google Home to experience the voice control of connected Delta Dore roller shutters.
Voice control of blinds and shutters using Google Assistant

Blind and shutter management by voice control can add a new dimension to your smart home experience.

Google Assistant allows you to manage your blinds and shutters using your voice. With this assistant you can make your blinds and shutters go up or down at the level you like. 

"Ok Google, close all blinds." and your shutters go down automatically. Your vocal assistant also allows you to know the position of your connected blinds and shutters.

With a simple sentence, manage your connected blinds and shutters and improve the visual comfort of your home.

Alexa is compatible with Delta Dore for heating management, control your heating using voice control.


Do you have Tydom, Tybox thermostats (5xxx) and a voice assistant?

Discover how easy it is to control the heating with your voice:

Using voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, switch the heating on or off or set the required temperature on your connected thermostat.

"Alexa, set the heating in the girl’s bedroom to 19 degrees." and the heating in your children’s room comes on so they can go to sleep in a cosy room.

"Ok Google, what is the living room thermostat’s temperature?" lets you know whether you must increase the heating for you to enjoy a comfortable evening watching a movie.

Improve your comfort and simplify your daily life with a simple phrase.

NB: Voice control for heating only works for thermic products working on numeric temperatures. Discover the list of heating management products compatible with voice control.

Use voice control to manage your  lighting Delta Dore equipments with Google Assistant.


If your Tydom already allows you to manage your lighting and you have a smart speaker...

Discover the real advantage of controlling your lighting by voice control:

Switch your lights on or off, even when your arms are full, thanks to your smart speaker featuring Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. You can also dim your lighting by voice if you have a Delta Dore dimmer.

"Ok Google, switch on the living room light." and you switch off the light in an unoccupied room without moving.

"Alexa, set the living room light to 50%." and you create a new atmosphere in the room to relax at the end of the day.

Enhance your environment with voice control and manage all your lighting from your sofa.

Discover how to activate Delta Dore compatibility and the Google Home and Alexa voice assistants


The following steps are required to control your smart home using voice:

- Ensure you have a connected speaker equipped with one of the two voice assistants and a Tydom or a Lifedomus connected to your lighting and/or heating. Your application must be updated.

- Download the mobile application of the relevant voice assistant and search for Tydom or Lifedomus in the voice assistant’s search bar.

- Next, click "Activate".

- Create a Delta Dore account or log in if you already have an account.

- Select your smart home gateway or register it.

- If you have Amazon Alexa, say: "Alexa, find my devices." The compatible devices will be detected automatically.

- With Google Assistant, your devices are automatically detected.

You can now test the voice control and take full advantage of it.

Note: A voice assistant can only control one smart home gateway at a time.


Delta Dore and Google Assistant

Discover how to associate the vocal assistant to Tydom.


Delta Dore and Amazon Alexa

Discover how to associate the vocal assistant to Tydom.


Delta Dore and Google Assistant

Discover how to associate the vocal assistant to Tydom.


Delta Dore and Amazon Alexa

Discover how to associate the vocal assistant to Tydom.


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