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Is it possible to connect an Easy smart bulb to a Philips Hue bridge?

How to pair a smart bulb from another brand to a Tydom or Pro hub?

Before pairing, screw the bulb into your light, download the Tydom app and launch it. Go to the « Settings » page of your installation, select « Add a device », « Lighting »,... Continue reading

Can I install the Easy smart bulb outside?

No, it is designed for indoor use only. Continue reading

How many light bulbs can I install in my home?

Tydom can manage up to 136 devices depending on the type of product including 50 on the Zigbee network. Continue reading

Is it possible to add an Easy connected bulb to several Zigbee networks?

No, a bulb can only be associated with one Zigbee network.  Continue reading

What should I do if the Easy smart bulb cannot find any Zigbee network?

You should check that the Tydom Home, Pro & internet router are operational, reset the bulb and redo the pairing while taking care not to exceed the radio range. If other bulbs are associated... Continue reading

How to change the mode on the Tyxia 2600 ?

The Tyxia 2600 is a multi-purpose transmitter that can control lights, shutters, blinds or launch a scenario by simply pressing a switch. It is easy to install and sits directly behind the switch.Delta Dore explains how... Continue reading