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Can I use Face ID to control my Tyxal+ alarm via the application, as an alternative to entering the user code?

The new update to our Tydom application allows you to directly access your alarm using the facial recognition on your iPhone/iPad. This technology, developed by Apple, is called Face ID. It is used to unlock an iOS smartphone by simply looking at the self-facing camera. Android manufacturers (Samsung, Huawei, etc.) also offer this technology, however, the name they give it can vary from one device to another.  However, one of the key differences is that iPhones utilise 3D sensors, verifying several points on your face, and even working in dark environments. The unlocking method used by Android smartphones is neither as secure nor as practical. In fact, they only use their self-facing camera, and can be tricked by a photograph. It this therefore clearly for these security reasons that the functionality is not offered on Android devices.

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