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Can I synchronise the Tycam 1100/2100 cameras with my Tyxal + alarm?

Synchronise your Tyxal+ and Tycam 1100/2100 installation - the winning combination for your peace of mind. Thanks to this new compatibility, you can elevate your home security to a higher level. For technical reasons, the function is not compatible with Tyxal, only with Tyxal+.

  • The automatic synchronisation only works works for the general/complete switching on/off of the system. However, when operating by zone or in surveillance mode, it is still possible to temporarily override it by manually activating the camera's detection or continuous recording mode.
  • When synchronised with Tyxal+, the Tycam 1100/2100 camera enables the selection of recording mode: either upon detection or continuously, when monitoring is switched on or off.
  • When the 1100/2100 camera, synchronised with Tyxal+, detects a movement, a photo thumbnail appears in the Tycam alert notification to provide you with a preview. As per usual, the camera starts recording 5 seconds prior to detection. The photo in the notification is that captured upon detection.
  • You can manually trigger the alarm siren remotely, via the Tydom application: either via the alert notification, or directly from the live camera display - or indeed within the alarm controls - always using the button indicated by an orange siren symbol in the form of a bell. 
  • If the alarm is connected to the remote surveillance, the detection information (without the photo) will only be sent if you decide to remotely trigger the sirens.
  • The camera begins filming for a period of time that can be pre-defined in your settings, and only in case of a Tyxal+ self-protection, intrusion, or technical alarm detection event.

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