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I am not receiving my notifications

Specific reasons for not receiving notifications can vary significantly between devices and operating systems. A list of points to check is given below.

  • Check that the TYCAM "Do not disturb" function is deactivated
  • Activate the notification option on the Tydom application via the "Settings", "Notifications" menu
  • Check your phone's notification settings. These are usually found in the application or notification settings of your device.
  • Check the power-saving/performance options for your device and see if there are any exceptions/adjustments to make for applications running in the background. Newer operating systems have power saving and performance options and tend to close, limit or put to sleep applications and processes running in the background by default to improve battery life or device performance.
  • Clear the cache, force the Tydom application to stop (Applications/Tydom) and restart it.

If the notifications are still not working, please contact Delta Dore support.

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