Published on 03/08/2020

Smart Lighting for residential developments

Smart Lighting for residential developments

Smart Lighting for residential developments with Revilo Group, the Delta Dore system offered them the perfect balance of Flexibility, quality and simplicity.

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The objective 

Revilo Developments, the property development arm of the Revilo Group were looking to offer something extra to help complement their luxury home offer, particularly smart lighting solutions for their new Oaklands development

Oaklands is set to become one of the most prestigious addresses in the Rossendale Valley. Nestled in a beautiful location, abutting the countryside on Booth Lane, this is a fantastically spacious development of 3, 5 bedroom luxury homes, with private gated access, in the heart of OL13. 


The Solution

For Darren Clawson, Managing Director of Revilo Developments,  The Delta Dore system offered them the perfect balance of Flexibility, quality and simplicity.

The development at Oaklands had already begun, and therefore the objective was to be able to adapt the lighting controls to the existing wiring. By using our system of Nanomodules we were able to fully adapt to the existing lighting circuits, we also enabled them to maintain their aesthetics decisions regarding the switches they wished to propose for their luxury offer.

Smart Lighting for residential developments - Delta Dore

The fact that the Delta Dore system is a building block system (modular) meant that even though they were only looking to offer smart lighting, Revilo and their customers had the chance to expand their system and any point during the build or in the future – a situation that proved useful when looking at the entrance solution; as a result of our partnership with front door manufacturer Bel’m, we were able to offer premium aluminum front doors, with the added benefit of smartphone control for locking & unlocking – this feature works in perfect harmony with our security system enabling Revilo Developments to offer a scalable system of real value to their clients.

The Delta Dore smart home operates on RF, so it meant that Revilo did not need to rely on internet connection at the site to commission the system, and could ensure everything was operationally ready for the day the new owners moved in.

Testimonial: Having researched the market before committing to Delta Dore, I found that many of the smart home systems on the market were good at one thing or another however none of the systems I came across had the range of products that Delta Dore could offer. Their smart home range offered a seamless whole home automation experience allowing us as developers to pick and choose the items that were relevant for our build but at the same time allowing future homeowners to expand the system at their leisure. Once the system was set up and installed, it was easy to use and just worked as it should. Delta Dore’s technical service is second to none and helped us understand the exact requirements and best practices for installing smart home technology.– Darren Clawson, MD of Revilo Developments

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The Service

Our initial action is to ensure the capabilities of the smart home are fully understood, this entails a visit to head office to understand what a developer's initial requirements are. We will then advise how that can be achieved in conjunction with a live demonstration.

Once we have performed a free smart home consultation on each property, in conjunction with the developer, a quote can be provided, and the Delta Dore team can facilitate the connection to merchants and wholesalers to make the process as smooth as possible.

As we have a close working relationship with Merchants & Wholesalers nationwide, Developers have easy access to our full product range, with next day delivery available.

The installation of products is relatively simple for a trained installer – but installing a smart system can be new for many; Installers are required to be trained on the system before installation, that can either be on site or at out centrally located training center. Our most important role is to provide any assistance directly following that training either remotely or on site – so that the installation occurs without a snag.

Where the solutions of our partners are involved, we remain on hand to facilitate the relationship and to ensure that the level of service remains at the highest quality. Resources and technical information is provided as soon as the project has been agreed and with communication playing such a major role in the success of any project - a priority phoneline is given to installers in live projects to ensure they get to the information as quickly as possible

Once the property is completed and handed over to the new owners, Delta Dore provide an information pack bespoke to their system to help them understand how to use it, we also provide them with information about on how to get in touch with us should they have any issues, or wish to expand their smart home system – rather than having to communicate with the developer directly. 

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The Products


TYBOX 5100 CONNECTED PACK - Connected wireless thermostat pack

Tybox 5100 connected pack [Connected wireless thermostat pack]

TYBOX 5101 - Wireless zone thermostat for electric Underfloor heating

Tybox 5101 [Wireless zone thermostat for electric Underfloor heating]

DELTA 8000 RF - Underfloor Heating gateway receiver

Delta 8000 RF [Underfloor Heating gateway receiver for Delta 8000 system]

Technical unit for Delta 8000 system

Delta 8000 BT [Technical unit for Delta 8000 system]

TYXIA 6410 - Dry contact receiver, pulse or constant, surface mounted for outdoor usage

Tyxia 6410 [Dry contact receiver, pulse or constant, surface mounted for outdoor usage]


TYXIA 5610 - 1 channel On/Off lighting receiver

Tyxia5610 [One channel On/Off lighting receiver]


TYXIA 4620 - SELV pulse dry contact receiver

Tyxia 4620 [SELV pulse dry contact receiver]


The average list price exc. VAT for a Delta Dore smart home system in a 5 bed house such as this is between £1,700 - £2,700.

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 Case Study Revilo Developments - PDF versionCase Study Revilo Developments - PDF version

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