Published on 18/05/2017

Wireless home automation: Delta Dore wireless technology

Wireless technology

Find out about X3D wireless technology and the advantages of Delta Dore wireless smart home products.

Delta Dore smart home solutions use radio waves to communicate.

X3D wireless technology is a wireless communication protocol created and patented by Delta Dore. In line with European standards, the frequency used (868 MHz) avoids all risks of static and protects you from potential problems that could come from 4G, WIFI and GSM interference.

The advantages of X3D wireless technology

• Our wireless home automation solutions are adaptable and allow you to expand them as required to fit your future requirements and budget. To create your smart home, simply get one of our home automation boxes and then over time you can add the extensions you want and learn about the advantages that come with a connected home at your own pace.

Delta Dore wireless home automation is easy to install and creates no dust. No need to lay cables or damage walls, install your equipment without deteriorations to your interior. Wireless technology is ideally suited to new builds, renovation projects or simply improvements to your home.

• Most of our products have a record battery life of 10 years thanks to our pro lithium batteries and cutting edge energy efficient wireless technology. Guaranteed peace of mind and a real advantage from Delta Dore wireless technology!

• Data transmission is secured with the rolling code anti-hacking feature.

• Wireless home automation products allow you to make savings in relation to a more expensive wired solution.

Do radio waves pose a health risk?

Compared to other kinds of waves emitted by WIFI and mobile phones, the emissions from our products are occasional and very low power. This makes their use harmless for people and pets.

While a WIFI network permanently emits around 30 mW and a smartphone emits between 600 and 2000 mW, Delta Dore products only emit between 1 and 5 mW, and this is only when they are used (less than 1 second).

Enjoy peace of mind and simplicity with a smart home using Delta Dore wireless home automation.