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I program my electric heating

Imagine your interior with a few degrees more or less, to reflect your lifestyle. Our connected heating thermostat operates like a heating programmer and controls your entire electric heating system whether you are at home or away from the house. Discover how to optimise the operation of your underfloor heating or electric convectors to save up to 20% in your heating bills.

The key to managing your heating
Begin with a thermostat
Connected thermostat for electric heating

A thermostat to measure temperature and operate the electric underfloor heating

Set your electric underfloor heating using Delta Dore thermostat. The wall-mounted thermostat measures the temperature of the room in which it is installed and switches the electric floor On/Off according to the required temperature.

The Tydom application is used to programme the heating trigger time directly on your smartphone and tablet. You heat the rooms only when it is necessary!

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Our ideas for increased comfort and savings
Precisely set your electric underfloor heating

Precisely set your electric underfloor heating

If you cannot install the thermostat in the recommended location, we advise you to add a floor sensor to the installation. Your electric underfloor heating will be controlled finely and accurately, even if your thermostat is installed in the corridor for instance.

Set the temperature easily with electric convectors

Set the temperature easily with electric convectors

Does your home have electric radiators? Delta Dore also has solutions to allow you to adjust the room temperature easily with a separate room thermostat or directly on the Tydom application.

Compatible with your current electric radiators, you do not need to invest in home automation radiators.

Automatically shuts down the gas heating when a window opens

Automatically switch off heating when a window is opened

No to waste, yes to savings. You can air your bedroom with serenity; your thermostat automatically switches off the heating in this room and switches it back on when the window is closed.

How does it work? A door/window magnetic contact or sensor is installed on your window, it informs the thermostat if the window is open or closed.

Remotely control and programme your electric heating
your connected thermostat with Tydom

TYDOM 1.0 app home automation solution
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