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I automate my roller shutters

Shutters are an ideal thermal barrier to insulate your home from the cold or heat. For simple day-to-day use, start by centralising the management of your roller shutters and see our suggestions for equipment to improve your comfort and security.

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Start with the centralisation of shutters
Automatic roller shutters from Delta Dore

Centralise the opening and closing of your roller shutters

Automate daily activities using a single remote control to separately or simultaneously open or close all roller shutters in your house or apartment.

If your roller shutters are not fitted with electric motors, Delta Dore also has solutions that allow you to add a motor to your shutters.

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Auto. control of awaning with wind conditions

Retract your awning according to wind conditions

The wind sensor is a great way to retract your terrace awning automatically when you are not at home.  Breakage risks are prevented: the sensor chooses the best awning position for you according to the wind strength.

Transform your roller shutters into a security feature

Transform your roller shutters into a security feature

In an emergency, the Delta Dore smoke detector controls your roller shutters. It automatically opens roller shutters if smoke is detected. Before the situation worsens, the occupants can rapidly evacuate the home to reach safety.

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Your connected shutters with Tydom

TYDOM 1.0 app home automation solution
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