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I made it simpler to open my gate and garage door

Did you decide to automate your garage door and then your gate at a later point? Depending on the motor installed you often have a remote control for each action. View our control system solutions to group the control of your gate and garage door, as well as the equipment we suggest to increase your comfort.

Essentials for simplifying the management of your control systems
Start by centralising their control
Home automation solution for automatic gate opening

A remote control for your gate and garage door

You no longer need to search through an array of home automation remote controls, because you can now control your electronic gate and motorised garage door from a single remote control.

You can control their opening or closing individually with a keyring remote control with 4 buttons and little receivers or sensors connected to each item of equipment.

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Our ideas for increased comfort and simplicity
Automatic lighting of outdoor lights

Control outside lighting

Group the management of up to 4 automatic control systems on your customisable remote control. What could be more practical than turning the outdoor light on if you return home late! Home automation simplifies your daily life. A single press on the remote control and you can control your house. Enter your home faster and with full security.

Home automation solution for automatic gate opening

Control the opening and closing of your access gate

Why not also centralise the control for opening and closing your access gate. All of your equipment outside the house is thus centralised and accessible from the same home automation remote control. Using a small home automation receiver connected to the electric lock, you can easily control the access to your home.

Remotely control and program control system scenarios
Your connected home with Tydom

TYDOM 1.0 app home automation solution
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