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I detect and report intrusions

Have you decided to fit your home with an alarm system but you don't know where to start? Start with the Tyxal+ home alarm and you can see our suggestions for equipment to protect your home and family.
Manufactured in Europe, with a battery life of 10 years and a 5-year guarantee: the Tyxal+ alarm is a security system that is ideally suited to fit in with your daily life.

The essentials to secure your home
Start with the Tyxal+ alarm pack
Tyxal+ pack home alarm solution

A house alarm that protects you and raises the alarm in the case of a break-in

Easy to use and high performance, the Tyxal+ alarm groups the essential functions of a complete alarm system:

  • Detection of intruders with two motion detectors installed in the house
  • Control the wireless alarm with a keyboard and two multi-use remote controls
  • Monitor logs of alerts and the creation of multiple surveillance zones

Discover in detail the solution

Add to your installation as needed to meet your requirements
Our ideas for increased security and peace of mind
Alarms for leaks and intrusions

Alarms for leaks and intrusions

The outdoor alarm with its flash is the main dissuasive part of an alarm system. Visible, it warns people that you have an alarm fitted. Its loud volume is particularly disconcerting for any burglar.

Home surveillance with a camera

Monitor what happens in your home

The surveillance camera allows you to watch whatever is happening inside or around your home live.

Protect entry points

Protect entry points

Installing a magnetic contacts secures your home's doors and windows. Attached to a window or a door, the sensor signals the opening to the alarm system.

Monitor your home and receive remote alerts
Your connected alarm with Tydom

home automation solution - TYDOM confirmation app
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