Domestic risks alarm

I detect dangers: fire, flood, power cut

Domestic security is important for the whole family. To effectively protect you from risks of fire, flood or power cuts, select Delta Dore technical detectors and view our suggestions for equipment to reduce the risks associated with domestic accidents.

The essentials for domestic security
Start with technical detectors
Delta Dore Tyxal+ domestic incident detectors

A technical alarm provides effective protection from domestic risks 24 hours a day

  • Fire: installing at least a standard smoke detector allows the detection of fumes emitted from a fire and alerts occupants with a loud sound.
  • Water damage: the best way to avoid water damage is to catch any leaks early. For example, if you place a water leak sensor close to a washing machine, the detector will report the unexpected presence of liquids and transmit the warning to the indoor alarm.
  • Extended power cut: in the case of a power cut that is longer than 30 minutes, the detector emits a warning signal to the indoor alarm to warn of potential damage (e.g. defrosting freezer).

Discover in detail the solution

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Our ideas for increased security and peace of mind
SOS alert to protect your family in the case of domestic incidents

Alert your family in the case of an emergency

In the case of a fall, illness or a moment of panic the SOS alarm raises the warning. Thanks to a small alarm remote control you can quickly  raise the alert that you need help:

  • A press on the SOS button on the remote control triggers the indoor alarm to warn people close by of an abnormal situation.
  • A call to pre-recorded numbers is automatically made by the telephone transmitter to inform people close to you.

Be informed remotely on your telephone in the case of domestic incidents
Your connected alarm with Tydom

home automation solution - TYDOM confirmation app
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