Practical issues


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Why do I no longer have access to an installation?

There are a number of possible reasons for access to an installation to be refused:-        The installation is still listed in your installationsThe site may be offline (red light) -        The installation is no longer... Continue reading

How do I connect to my customer's installation from my smartphone?

There are two ways to connect to a customer's installation:Asking them to send an invitation from their Tydom appAdding the installation manually by briefly pressing the button on the Tydom gateway to connect securely... Continue reading

I need to do an installation on a Tydom gateway that is not connected to the internet. What should I do?

It's easy. First, you need to create your Pro account on your smartphone or tablet while connected to the internet. You can then connect the Tydom gateway to a Wi-Fi router via an Ethernet... Continue reading

I've received an invitation to connect to an installation. What do I need to do?

First, you need to accept the invitation from your customer in "My installations". Then all you have to do is connect to the installation. Continue reading

If my customer has not yet created an account, can I still work on their installation?

Yes, you can work on an installation at the home of a customer who has not yet created an account. You can connect to your customer's installation by briefly pressing the button on the... Continue reading

Why does the app ask me to press the button on the Tydom gateway?

This is a secure way of connecting to an installation. Continue reading

Why does the app no longer ask for a password when creating a new installation?

Installations are now linked to your account identified by an email address. Continue reading

How do I work with my colleagues on the same installation?

You can invite colleagues to your current installation from the "Installer members" menu displayed in the settings for this installation. Continue reading

How can I switch from my pro area to my personal area?

You can switch from your pro area to your personal area via the Tydom app settings. Continue reading

Why is there a pro area and a personal area?

We have created two areas in the app to make it easier to manage installations. The pro area lets you manage all your customer installations and the personal area gives you access to your... Continue reading