Published on 15/03/2018

Connect your heating to your phone

Increase your comfort by connecting your heating to your phone

Delta Dore is the French specialist in connected homes. Connect your home to your smartphone and control it remotely.

Delta Dore room thermostats are compatible with Tydom and Lifedomus gateways. This compatibility lets you control them on the application of the same name as the box. 

Manage your connected heating remotely

You only need a gateway, a smartphone and a thermostat to gain the benefits of remotely managing your heating.

Your programmable wireless thermostat lets you adjust the heating in your home to suit your lifestyle. The ultimate comfort is to remotely control it. Discover below how connected heating brings you comfort and allows you to save energy.

Forget the stress of leaving your heating on unnecessarily during your vacation, or the need to have a neighbor turn it on before you return. A simple gesture on the screen of your smartphone allows you to turn it off!

Create your custom scenarios for your everyday life

Create your custom scenarios for your daily life. Use your programmable thermostat to select the temperature of your home, room by room. Also use it to select your on and off periods, so as to optimize your energy consumption. You can also choose to lower your heating when you are at work or out and turn it back up to have the ideal temperature when you get back home. On weekends, use your heating all day for maximum comfort.

You can change these scenarios remotely from your Tydom or Lifedomus home automation application. These connected home applications are intuitive and easy to use. Use your wireless thermostat in your home and your application remotely.

Install your connected heating

With Delta Dore home automation solutions, any heating system can be transformed into connected heating.

Many of heating solutions on the market feature elements that are compatible with the Delta Dore solutions range. This enables you to connect your heating system easily and cleanly, without undertaking major work. 

Once equipped with your Delta Dore gateway, you can use it to connect your lights, shutters or your alarm.

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