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Tips 09/05/2022

Micromodules, for a smart home

The ability to control your roller shutters, lights and much more, easily and wherever you are, with invisible home installation - this is what micromodules make possible. Let us tell you more!

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Tips 15/03/2022

How do you replace a Tydom 1.0 with a Tydom Home or Pro?

How do you move the configuration of the old Tydom 1.0 to the new hub? How do you delete all of the data from the old Tydom 1.0? We explain everything. 

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Tips 28/05/2021

Leave home worry-free with live streaming

Keep an eye on your home while you're at the office, travelling or on holiday. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you don't need to worry about any unwelcome intrusions. Surveillance cameras are a simple alternative way to protect you... Find out more

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Tips 07/05/2021

Secure your home with simple and reliable solutions

Strangers entering your home is always a traumatising event, even if the attempted break-in is unsuccessful or doesn't leave any damage.Therefore, one of the best ways to protect yourself against intruders remai... Find out more

Use Google Home to launch your scenarios registered on Tydom
Tips 07/04/2021

Tydom scenario function: an essential part of daily life

Smart equipment adds comfort and simplicity to daily life. Why not go one step further by adapting your home to your lifestyle ? 

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Tips 26/03/2021

Smart lighting for a dazzling smart home

With smart solutions, all the lighting in the home can be controlled remotely, centralised or automated. It's now easy to operate your equipment smartly. Here are our tips!

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