Published on 12/04/2017

Products to manage heating efficiently

Thermostats and heating controls

Do you want to save on heating bills and find the best solution to manage the temperature of your rooms?

This practical file describes which energy management solutions are suited to different heating systems (electric radiator, boiler, heat pump, etc.) Find the specific features of each product controlling your heating to understand how to make savings and increase your comfort.

What is a thermostat?

A thermostat allows you to adjust the desired temperature in a room; with the selected value called the temperature setting. When the temperature measured by the thermostat is below the temperature setting, it turns the heating on, and then turns it off once the set temperature is reached. This heating control ensures comfort while limiting temperature variations in the room. There are a couple of ways to adjust the temperature setting:

  • directly on the radiator with an integrated thermostat
  • indirectly with the room thermostat

A thermostat also allows multiple heating systems to be activated. Comfort mode, represented by a sun, is for when the house is occupied. In this mode the temperature setting is whatever you previously set it to. Eco mode, represented by a moon, is automatically set at -3,5°C below the temperature setting. Select this when the house is empty or at night time, for example. 

Room thermostat for gas boiler, heat pump or electric underfloor heating

The room thermostat is separate from the heating system. It measures the temperature of the room it is installed in and turns the heating system on/off depending on the temperature setting and the mode activated.

Multiple thermostats can be installed in a house to regulate different temperatures by zone. For example, you can select a temperature setting of 20°C for the lounge/living room and 18°C for bedrooms.

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Good to know: your heating can be adjusted remotely using your smartphone for increased comfort. We call this a connected thermostat.

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Programmable thermostat for gas boiler or heat pump

As well as working as a thermostat, it has a feature to program the change in temperature in rooms at different periods of the day.

This system includes two concepts:

  •  The concept of time schedules or everyday moments: what time of the day do you want your heating to turn on or for the temperature to drop?
  •  The notion of temperature: what temperature do you want to select for that moment? Depending on the programmable thermostat model, you can select multiple different temperature settings per day (up to 6).

Depending on the configuration of your installation you can install a programmable thermostat allowing management of multiple heating zones around the house with different temperatures and timings.

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You now have everything required to select the heating control and management system that is best suited to your lifestyle. Delta Dore heating solutions are compatible with most electric radiators, boilers and heat pumps. Our Privileged Installers will be able to propose the heating solution that best suits your installation.

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