Discover our new dimming solution: the Tyxia 5640 and 5650 Nanomodules
New 19/11/2018

Tyxia 5640 & 5650 : Dimming nanomodules

Find out more about the comfort of connected dimmable lighting.

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Updates of the Tydom house automation app
New 17/09/2018

Updates of the Tydom house automation app

Discover in detail the updates we have made on our house automation app. 

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Discover our boiler plus solutions.
New 11/04/2018

Discover the Tybox Boiler+ and Tybox BUS OT

Boiler Plus is the name given to the changes in part L of the building regulations, which will come into effect on the 6th April 2018.

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Lifedomus, the home automation and multimedia gateway
New 15/02/2018

Lifedomus, the new home automation and multimedia gateway

Discover Lifedomus: a unique high-end automation offer, born of the merger between Tydom 3.0 and Lifedomus Sense/Vision gateways.

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New connected home Tydom app
New 19/01/2018

New Tydom application: control your connected home!

With your Tydom connected home application, control your home and its devices wherever you are and give yourself unbeatable comfort!

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Smart home app
New 05/06/2017

Tydom, easier life with home automation

Find out about Tydom, the new generation home automation solution to control your home, your secondary residence or your office from home or remotely on smartphone or tablet.

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