Published on 04/12/2019

Forgotten your Tydom password ? Reset it !

Tydom password reset

Passwords can sometimes be forgotten. This is not a problem with the TYDOM application, just follow the reset procedure.

Reset your Tydom app password:

1- Important. The password must be reset at the location the TYDOM 1.0 smart home hub was installed.

2- Press and hold the TYDOM 1.0 button for 15 seconds (the reset button is next to the power cable).

3- The LED flashes violet after 3–4 seconds. Wait for about 15 seconds.

4- Only release the button when the LED light flashes rapidly.

5- The LED turns green and steady. The password has been reset.

6- Make sure your tablet/smartphone is connected to your WiFi network.

7- Open the TYDOM app and clear the password (if any) leaving it blank and press “CONNECTION”.

8- Enter your password twice and memorise it. Press ‘Continue’.

9- TYDOM is connected to your installation.