Published on 04/07/2024

8 tips for choosing the right outdoor surveillance camera

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Choosing an outdoor surveillance camera can be a real headache. Between the abundance of offers, manufacturers promising to outdo each other and prices that vary by almost double, it's easy to get lost. At Delta Dore, a French specialist in the smart home for over 50 years, we develop reliable and durable products designed to meet your needs, like the new Tycam Guard. This is the ideal opportunity to reveal the many advantages of this outdoor surveillance camera and to share our 8 tips for choosing your future camera.  

1. Opt for a smart camera: the zero false alarm solution    

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What's the first advantage of a smart camera over a video surveillance service? Keeping an eye on your home from anywhere, at any time via your app, as well as being alerted immediately to any suspicious activity, so you don't have to keep checking the live video all the time. In other words, it's the performance and reliability of your smart camera's detection.

This is precisely the strong point of the new Tycam Guard: the ability to differentiate between a human, a vehicle and an animal, which is essential for avoiding false alarms. Using on-board AI, it analyses images, filters events and classifies them by detection type. What's more, it automatically records at the slightest movement detected, even when you've activated continuous recording. Nothing escapes its lens.

In the app, choose the type of detection for which you will receive notifications (movement, human, vehicle, etc.): Tycam Guard will analyse each movement detected and inform you only if there is a real intrusion, with photo and video evidence.

2. Have faith in excellent image quality  

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In this regard, you'll find that manufacturers are very creative when it comes to extolling the virtues of their cameras, assuring us in particular that 1080p (or Full HD) would equate to a blurred image and that 2K (or 1440p) is indispensable. In fact, unless you're viewing the images on a giant screen, 1080p resolution that's perfectly suited to controlling your camera from an app on a smartphone or tablet, and sufficient for obtaining usable images.

Tycam Guard offers a Full HD 1080p image. Its lens offers 130° wide-angle vision and a long range of up to 30 metres. Day or night, you'll be able to see a face clearly and zoom in thanks to its infrared or colour night vision.

3. Choose a fully equipped camera with spotlight, siren and intercom system 

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Many brands offer these features, but with fairly wide variations in performance and quality. Yet these are key assets in scaring off a prowler, deterring them from approaching your home and consequently putting a stop to any burglary attempt.

Tycam Guard is equipped with a spotlight, a 90 dB siren and an intercom function: the perfect trio for effectively resolving doubt and scaring off unwanted visitors.

At the slightest intruder alert, you can access the camera's live feed on your smartphone, listen to what's going on in your home and, if necessary, let the intruder know they've been spotted. What's more, with automatic triggering on detection, or manual triggering via the Tydom app, the 90 dB siren and spotlight are a real bulwark protecting your home.

The bonus? With a 5-year guarantee and IP67 (waterproof) certification, Tycam Guard stands up to any test.

4. Opt for a smart camera with a high-performance video service 

The key to peace of mind at all times is to be able to consult live video and recordings quickly, anywhere and at any time. This is even more essential in the event of an alarm, for checking whether an intrusion is actually taking place: any doubt is thus immediately resolved.

With Tycam Guard, you can access live footage and recordings in a matter of seconds via the Tydom app. As soon as you receive an intruder notification, you can view the images and listen to what's going on in your home and thus take appropriate action, such as triggering the siren and calling the police.

5. Opt for a surveillance camera that also protects your personal data 

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If you are tempted to skip this criterion, particularly in the face of an attractive price, be aware that it is essential for ensuring that only you have access to your personal data.

With Tycam Guard's video service, your data is safe. Our strengths? Tycam Guard's video platform is French and hosted on data centres located in France. It complies with all the wordlwide leading standards for connected objects and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). What's more, the camera encrypts your data at source, and stores it on an encrypted 32 GB SD card. Your personal data is therefore in your own hands.

6. Choose a subscription-free camera with free features in the app 

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Many camera models offer subscription-based, pay-as-you-go options for features as essential as storage and access to video recordings.

On Delta Dore's Tydom app, you can access live and recorded video at any time, at no extra cost, and configure your virtual video wall with your various cameras.

You can also set image quality, sensitivity and detection type, and add a crossing line and up to 4 activity zones. It's a bit like setting up a bespoke surveillance system for your home, with all the features included.

The 32 GB SD card is also included in the price of the camera, allowing you to store up to 8 days of continuous recording and keep 30 days of history in the app.

7. Seek the advice of a professional and entrust them with the installation of your outdoor camera  

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You may have heard the story of a neighbour who was burgled, but whose camera didn't film because the batteries were dead or the lens was misaligned. That's why you should call in a professional to install and set up your surveillance camera.

Delta Dore has a solid network of installation consultants throughout France. That means you can be sure of having an installation that complies with regulatory standards and camera operation, as well as the opportunity to benefit from sound advice and a more complete security system for 360° protection of your home. For example, Tycam Guard offers connection via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi: your installer will be able to advise you on the most appropriate type of connection depending on the configuration of your home.

Our installers can advise you on the best security solution for your home, install it for you and help you get started. If necessary, they can assist you remotely by accessing your account on the app and talking directly to Delta Dore customer service to resolve any technical problems.

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8. Opt for a smart outdoor camera that is compatible with other smart products 

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It is sometimes worth finding out which products can be synchronised with a surveillance camera. Even though it's often a burglary that motivates the somewhat hasty installation of a camera, this project can lead to another.

By choosing Tycam Guard, you gain access to the full potential of the Delta Dore smart home and its programming options, scenario creation and automatic routines. In particular, you can complete your security ecosystem with the Tyxal+ alarm system, as well as motorising your doors and windows, programming your heating or even opting for bioclimatic management of your home... the possible combinations are endless.

You're away and Tyxal+ has detected suspicious movement near a window? Thanks to their association, Tycam Guard automatically starts video recording around your home. Intruder spotted? Activate the spotlight and outdoor siren at the same time as the powerful Tyxal+ indoor siren.

7:30 am, departure for the office. The "Work" routine automatically activates Tycam Guard and Tyxal+, closes the ground floor shutters, turns down the heating and switches off all the lights.