Published on 21/03/2023

Smart smoke and leak detectors : receive warnings at any time

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Functionality available with the update 4.8 of your Tydom app. In the event of a fire or water leak in your home, you are alerted remotely thanks to a push notification sent to your smartphone via the Tydom app. 

Optimal safety ensured for your loved ones and your home

Are you equipped with smoke detectors (DFR) and/or leak detectors (DF), as well as a Tydom* smart home hub? You can now pair your detectors directly with your Delta Dore hub, using the Tydom app. 

You are thus notified on your smartphone in the event of the detection of smoke or a water leak, and can monitor your home with complete autonomy. 

Did you know? If your smoke detectors and/or leak detectors are currently linked to your Delta Dore alarm control panel, you can now pair your detectors directly to your Tydom smart home hub*.

How do you pair the DFR and/or the DF to the Tydom app? 

  1. Click on "Add a device"
  2. Select "Sensor" in the "Select device type" section
  3. Select the DFR or the DF
  4. Click on "Pair"

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It is also possible to create a routine in the event of the triggering of the smoke detector and/or the leak detector. 

For example: if you have a Tydom smart home hub* and a smart wireless smoke detector (DFR), by creating a routine you can trigger the lighting to create an illuminated pathway in the event that smoke is detected at night, thus ensuring that the exit route is easy to navigate. 

* Compatible models of smart home hub that can take advantage of this new functionality: Tydom Home, Tydom Pro, Tywell Pro, Tydom 1.0, Tydom 2.0 

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