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I program my multizone boiler

Does your home have several hot water underfloor heating systems and you only want to heat the rooms used, rather than the entire home? You need our Delta 8000 connected heating solution. Discover how to obtain the perfect temperature in each room of the home and save on your energy bill.

The key to multizone management
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Heating multizone management

Enjoy room-by-room control and centralised programming

Each zone of your multizone system is controlled by a Delta Dore thermostat. The UFH technical unit is connected to the thermostatic valves of the hot water underfloor heating system. The wireless UFH gateway controls and programmes the temperature of each room separately or centrally from the thermostat and the Tydom application.

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Hot water disruption in the home

Switch off the hot water system

At any moment, change the programming, switch hot water production on or off from the Tydom application. You choose when to heat your network and control your energy consumption more easily!

How does it work? A receiver is installed on the valves of your hot water system. It communicates remotely with the Tydom application.

Room by room heating regulation

Separately control the various heating zones of the house

The Delta 8000 solution can manage up to 8 heating zones. Additional thermostats can be installed to regulate different temperatures by zone. Each zone thermostat operates separately. The temperature is selected directly on the thermostat or from the Tydom application. You can also programme operating times directly from your smartphone. No more waste, you heat the rooms only when it is necessary!

Remotely control and programme your multizone heating
your connected heating with Tydom

TYDOM 1.0 app home automation solution
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