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Can I synchronise the Tycam 1100/2100 cameras with my Tyxal + alarm?

Synchronise your Tyxal+ and Tycam 1100/2100 installation - the winning combination for your peace of mind. Thanks to this new compatibility, you can elevate your home security to a higher level. For technical reasons,... Continue reading

How do I use my TYXAL + alarm ?

Watch the video to see how to use your TYXAL+ alarm. Continue reading

Can I use Face ID to control my Tyxal+ alarm via the application, as an alternative to entering the user code?

The new update to our Tydom application allows you to directly access your alarm using the facial recognition on your iPhone/iPad. This technology, developed by Apple, is called Face ID. It is used to... Continue reading

I am not receiving my notifications

Specific reasons for not receiving notifications can vary significantly between devices and operating systems. A list of points to check is given below.Check that the TYCAM "Do not disturb" function is deactivatedActivate the notification... Continue reading

My TYXAL Transmitter takes me to the Main Menu, but doesn't not show the Customisation menu

When a transmitter is linked to an alarm’s control unit, it should be in maintenance mode, with the cover open, so that the transmitter can show the “Customization” menu. This is a safeguard to... Continue reading

My transmitter or keypad tells me there is a "Supervision Error"

Radio supervision signal :Supervision is a self-check of the entire intruder alarm system; except the key fob remote controls.Whether the alarm is ON or OFF, each component of the system continuously sends a supervising... Continue reading

My Tycam camera connected to a PoE switch is heating up; is this normal?

Like any electronic device, the Tycam camera heats up when it is switched on. It is, therefore, normal for your camera to feel slightly warm to the touch as it is designed to dissipate... Continue reading

What are the different types of video recording stored ?

Choose between : Continuous or detection recording.The videos are recorded in "medium" resolution quality = HD.Each detection video recorded on detection starts 5 seconds before the event for a total duration of at least 35 seconds. Continue reading

How can I view my cameras on a PC and benefit from the "video wall" option ?

Thanks to the use of an Android emulator e.g. NOX, which can be downloaded for free, it is possible to port the Tydom app to a PC in tablet format and to visualize among others... Continue reading

Do I have to create a Pro account?

If you already use the Tydom app, we advise you to create a Pro account in order to access additional features specially for professionals, such as simplified management of several sites, sending the installation... Continue reading