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My SIM card does not work in my phone transmitter, why ?

Do you have a telephone transmitter for your alarm and you’ve installed a Data SIM card? It is likely that your transmitter will not send transmissions about an intrusion. This information pertains to any... Continue reading

What should I do in case of power outage or internet loss with my Tydom 2.0 ?

Delta Dore continues to protect your home, even during a power cut or lost internet connection. Here’s how it works:If there is a power outage, e.g. during a thunderstorm, don’t touch anything. The Tydom 2.0 has... Continue reading

Do I have to put my alarm on maintenance during an power outage for several hours ?

If a power outage lasts longer than 30 minutes, your TTGSM or TYDOM 2.0 will warn you of the power outage.The alarm remains functional due to the battery back-up and will use the outgoing... Continue reading

My transmitter or keypad tells me there is a "Supervision Error"

Radio supervision signal :Supervision is a self-check of the entire intruder alarm system; except the key fob remote controls.Whether the alarm is ON or OFF, each component of the system continuously sends a supervising... Continue reading