Published on 02/05/2017

Renovating? Try home automation!

Home renovation and home automation

Home renovation projects are the perfect opportunity to install home automation and simplify your daily life.

Simpler and more accessible these days, home automation is particularly suitable for home renovation or modernisation projects.

Wireless home automation is fast and easy to install. Since the devices are wireless, they can be installed without major works and without causing interior damage. No cables need to be laid, so your interior is undamaged!

Also, with wireless technology home automation is adaptable. You can add new devices at any time to meet your requirements and budget.

Here are some pointers to help you get the right home automation for your renovation.

Consider your needs

There are home automation solutions for every home device: heating, lighting, shutters, gate, alarm, cameras, television, Hi-fi, etc.

To correctly identify the requirements for your smart connected home, consider your expectations and priorities: improved comfort, security for belongings and family, energy savings, etc. Also consider the habits of people living there and your home's layout for a personalised home automation system.

Get inspiration! Program your shutters to open and close at sunrise and sunset, turn your heating up remotely before returning home, monitor your home on your smartphone... You'll find a range of devices on our website to make your daily life easier and save time.

Set a budget

The cost of a home automation solution varies depending on the type and number of devices connected.

In the case of a renovation, the costs of home automation products can range from a few hundred euros for a basic installation to a few thousand for a complete system. So it is important to plan your home automation system and consider budgets prior to starting with the renovation project.

It is worth mentioning that it may be possible to receive support for financing home automation.

Install yourself or get a professional?

With easy to install pre-prepared packs, you are able to set up your own home automation system. Some systems may require technical understanding though.

For a complex home automation solution, we recommend that you use a professional, experienced in fitting home automation solutions. They will be able to advise you throughout your project: understanding your needs, choice of products, setup, home automation programming, maintenance, etc.

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