Smart home app
New 05/06/2017

Tydom, easier life with home automation

Find out about Tydom, the new generation home automation solution to control your home, your secondary residence or your office from home or remotely on smartphone or tablet.

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Wireless technology
Standards 18/05/2017

Wireless home automation: Delta Dore wireless technology

Find out about X3D wireless technology and the advantages of Delta Dore wireless smart home products.

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Connected Alarm tyxal+  - Delta Dore
Events 10/05/2017

Delta Dore partner with Smart Home Security

We have selected  Smart Home Security, a professional and experienced company in order to available our secure wireless technology to all users.

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Home renovation and home automation
Tips 02/05/2017

Renovating? Try home automation!

Home renovation projects are the perfect opportunity to install home automation and simplify your daily life.

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Thermostats and heating controls
Tips 12/04/2017

Products to manage heating efficiently

Do you want to save on heating bills and find the best solution to manage the temperature of your rooms?

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