Discover voice control with Delta Dore smart home solutions.
New 24/10/2019

Delta Dore is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Voice control uses a voice assistant to control your smart devices by voice. 

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Manage your heating efficiently with Delta Dore.
Tips 22/10/2019

Programmable thermostat: the essential solution to better manage your heating

Heating accounts for 66% of a household's energy consumption (1). Using your heating system properly is important to save on your bill and increase comfort.

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Associate a new smartphone to your Tydom for more comfort.
Tips 16/10/2019

Connect a new smartphone to Tydom, why and how?

You have a new smartphone in your home or a tenant for a few days who needs to access Tydom?

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Install a smart home hub Tydom
Tips 29/03/2019

What does installing a smart home box involve?

A smart home box will make your life easier and comfier while securing your home and saving on energy bills, with full control from your smartphone or tablet.

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Adding favorite scenarios to the Tydom app
New 14/01/2019

New Tydom feature: Your favourite scenarios on your home page

If you use the Tydom smart home application, you might have noticed the new features added to the app’s latest upgrade. 

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Enjoy the end of the year with your friends, relatives and Delta Dore.
Tips 19/12/2018

Create a Christmas atmosphere with Delta Dore

All year long our connected home solutions make your life easier, at the end of the year, they can help you create a Christmas atmosphere.

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