Increase your comfort by connecting your heating to your phone
Tips 15/03/2018

Connect your heating to your phone

Delta Dore is the French specialist in connected homes. Connect your home to your smartphone and control it remotely.

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Lifedomus, the home automation and multimedia gateway
New 15/02/2018

Lifedomus, the new home automation and multimedia gateway

Discover Lifedomus: a unique high-end automation offer, born of the merger between Tydom 3.0 and Lifedomus Sense/Vision gateways.

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New connected home Tydom app
New 19/01/2018

New Tydom application: control your connected home!

With your Tydom connected home application, control your home and its devices wherever you are and give yourself unbeatable comfort!

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Protect home with a security system
Tips 19/07/2017

How to protect your house from burglary ?

Apartment or house… Find out how to secure your home with an anti-intruder alarm.

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ErP eco-design and energy labelling
Standards 10/07/2017

ErP: eco-design and energy labelling

4 questions explaining ErP eco-design and energy labelling for heating systems.

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Tydom home automation gateway
Tips 16/06/2017

Already own a Delta Dore product?

You're one step from a connected home! Find out how to control your product wherever you are with our Tydom application.

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