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I am not receiving my notifications

Specific reasons for not receiving notifications can vary significantly between devices and operating systems. A list of points to check is given below.Check that the TYCAM "Do not disturb" function is deactivatedActivate the notification... Continue reading

My Tycam camera connected to a PoE switch is heating up; is this normal?

Like any electronic device, the Tycam camera heats up when it is switched on. It is, therefore, normal for your camera to feel slightly warm to the touch as it is designed to dissipate... Continue reading

What do the beeps emitted by the control panel mean each time my alarm is turned on and off ?

Whenever the ON/OFF buttons are pressed on a remote control or keypad, the control unit makes multiple beeps :This means that there are events to view and then clear. To clear them :With a control... Continue reading